Our Mission Statement 

Our mission is to work with our community partners in order to rescue, rehabilitate, spay/neuter, and re-home abandoned rabbits in need. In addition, we promote public awareness in order to educate our local communities.  Binky On! does not turn away any rabbit regardless of disability, illness, age, or temperament unless we are at capacity. 



About Us

Binky On! Rabbit Rescue, Inc. is a 501c (3) non-profit organization and is licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  We are staffed and run entirely by volunteers.  Binky On! is the only rabbit rescue in South Georgia and we currently house over sixty rabbits waiting for their forever homes. 

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Binky On!  knows children love bunnies!  Therefore, we created a rabbit guide for kids so they can learn early on that rabbits are not starter pets and they need specific care.  We believe that children can take an active role in caring for their furry friend.  However, they should not be the sole caregiver.  Inside this issue, we discuss rabbit care, food and snacks, appropriate housing, and most importantly - how to keep your rabbit happy and healthy.  Binky On!  will create a quarterly magazine with tons of information for children to explore!  

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Looking for that perfect rabbit? 

There are thousands of shelters in the United States with rabbits who are already spayed/neutered.  Save a life!  Choose to adopt, don't shop!