Adoption Policy


Binky On! Rabbit Rescue's mission is to find long-term placements for our rescue rabbits.  We adopt to in-door homes only and to individuals over the age of 21.  

Step 1:  Do your homework!  Research is the best way to ensure you correctly take care of your new family member.  


        Please consider the following:

  • Rabbits are a 10-12 year commitment.

  • Exotics are expensive!  Rabbits do not require shots or or medications dogs and cats need monthly or yearly.  However, all rabbits should see a rabbit savvy veterinarian for yearly check ups. 

  • Many people believe rabbits are great starter pets to teach their children responsibility.  However, what happens when the newness wears off?  Are you prepared to continue care for this animal?

  • Some people are under the assumption rabbits are easy to care for and do not need the care other pets are provided.  However, rabbits require food, hay, litter, toys, vet care, and need just as much socialization as other pets. 

  • As prey animals, many rabbits do not like to be picked up and carried around.  There are exceptions to the rule but you should understand rabbit behavior is much different from that of a cat or dog. Be prepared to be snubbed!  

  • Other pets in the home?  Is your dog or cat "hunters?"  If so, a rabbit is not a great choice to bring in the home unless under strict supervision.

  • What happens when you move?  Or if you lose your job?  Or have a baby?  Are you prepared?  Are you willing to keep your rabbit no matter how your circumstances change?


Step 2:  Take a look at our adoptable buns!  Once we find a good match or matches, we will make arrangements for you to meet the rabbit(s).  Appointments are needed in order to visit our facility.



Step 3:  It's time to fill out the application!  

An adoption application must be filled out prior to adoption.  We do not adopt out a rabbit without reviewing the application and calling references.  Please remember that I have two jobs besides the rabbit rescue; however, I try and respond as quickly as possible.  

In addition, we do not support the use of rabbits for 4H club projects, to be kept in the classroom to lead a lonely, solitary life, or to be used as responsibility teachers for young children.  

Should you not be able to keep the rabbit for any reason, it should be returned to our facility.  Dumping rabbits in the wild is a death sentence and is illegal in the state of Georgia.  

Binky On! reserves the right to do a home inspection prior to adopting the rabbit.  For out of state adoptions, we require a video through Skype/FB or other technologies to view the living area of the rabbit.  

Step 4: Begin setting up to bring your new family member home.  We will help you every step of the way in order to make sure your new bun stays happy and healthy.  Once your setup is complete, you will be allowed to pick up your little one.  Here are a few things you will need for your furry little friend.



We are always available for questions or concerns you have regarding your new arrival. 


Refund Policy

All donations and Adoption Fees to Binky On! Rabbit Rescue are considered final. Refunds may be given at the discretion of Binky On! Rabbit Rescue.  

Adoption Fees:

Single rabbit:  $65

Pair of rabbits:  $100

Rabbits cannot be "swapped" out for any reason unless the rabbit is bonding to a new partner.  


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