Long-term Buns


Meadow was dumped at a young age braved the streets for six months before we could catch her. She unfortunately was very sick but healed well. Lately, she has had some horrific teeth issues and will remain in our care until they can be resolved. If not, she will remain a long-term medical bun.

Squirrel and Hippo

Squirrel came from a horrific hoarding case in Adel while Hippo was a surrender. Squirrel has eye issues that are ongoing and needs medications to control them. Hippo was born blind and has hearing issues. Both are long-term medical buns.


Bugsby was unfortunately attacked by a dog when she was dumped outside. She has issues hopping due to a broken back and broken rib. She is a joy to be around.


Simone is a beautiful lionhead bun who unfortunately has a thymoma - a tumor in her chest that is inoperable. She is a love bug and for now is doing well. Due to her condition, she cannot be adopted.

Poncho and Pooh Bear

These two are silly bunnies. Poncho is a long-term bun who was stepped on by a child. His back leg, hip, and ankle are broken. Pooh spotted him from another area and fell in love. We couldn't deny them. Both will remain with the rescue.


Flip is a beautiful bun who is almost 9 years old. Because of her age, we made the decision to keep her here at the rescue.


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