The Savannah Hoarding Case

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The Science Kits

Marie, who is the only adult female from the Savannah case, cared for her third set of kits until four weeks of age.  She gave birth once again to a fourth and final set.  Marie's emaciated body could no longer support her and she passed two days after giving birth.  She was an awesome rabbit.


Two months ago, we were called by an individual who needed our help rescuing quite a few rabbits who were thrown into a chicken coup and were severely neglected.  There was only one adult female among five adult males.  She had just given birth to a third set of kits and unbeknownst to us was already carrying her fourth and final set.  We immediately set out to rescue these rabbits: Mom and her 8 newborn kits, her previous set of five and a larger set of four.  There was also another darker bunny who we named Tucker.  He had multiple bite wounds on his body and was immediately put on antibiotics in case he had any infections.  Marie, who guarded her babies ferociously, was severely emaciated and also had bite wounds on her body.  We took in all of these rabbits in order to help them thrive in a loving environment and eventually be adopted into loving homes.  Keep following this page for more updates!


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